Amazing technology and seamless experience


All our virtual tours use flash which enjoys a 99% installation so you can be sure your visitors will have no problem viewing your virtual tour. We no longer use technologies such as Quicktime or Java unless this is required for a certain project.

Exceptional detail

Our virtual tours are shot at high resolution to capture incredible detail. This enables us to customize the user experience based on the user’s expectations.

Fast performance

We configure our tours to start immediately on the screen and download progressively in the background which helps keep your visitors engaged. No waiting for 30 seconds or more for a tour to load.

Full 360 x 180 coverage

All our tours capture a full sphere which means you can look everywhere without any restrictions to the viewing area.

HDR technology

When appropriate, we utilize HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography to avoid problems such as blown-out highlights in windows or doors and to provide more vibrant colours.

Interactive features

We can add many interactive features to your virtual tour such as floor-plans, maps, hotspots, sunbursts & directional music to give it that extra touch.

Customised layout

We can customize your virtual tour to match branding and blend in with your existing website.


We setup analytics on each of our tours and can provide you with regular reports. Alternatively, if you already have analytics setup we integrate this into your tour.


We can provide free hosting for your virtual tour (for the first year) which is usually the simplest and easiest way of getting your tour online. Alternatively, we can work with your existing web developer to get your tour installed on your own site with the minimal amount of fuss.